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The Living Remix Project

Using hip hop to engage youth in learning digital media skills, collaborating, and building community.

The Living Remix Project is an interactive workshop hosted by World Up and DJ SpazeCraft that provides youth opportunities to gain digital media, storytelling, and collaboration skills through the process of writing and producing their own hip hop and electronic music.  Each session is designed to encourage intergenerational collaboration for people at all music levels, and introduces participants to:

  1. The art of beatboxing and using the voice as an instrument;
  2. A breakdown of popular electronic music-making sounds, tools, and techniques;
  3. Exploring the art of storytelling through soundscapes, beat-making, writing rap and poetry, and singing;
  4. Community, team-building, and leadership.

In a typical session, youth work in small groups to co-write, perform, and record their songs.  After elements of each song are recorded, DJ SpazeCraft helps bring their pieces together by performing their songs live, demonstrating how the pieces can be creatively remixed, flipped, and improvised.   Throughout the program, established hip hop artists are invited to join sessions and participate as guest mentors and producers for many of the pieces that are produced.  This allows youth to gain both the technical skills involved in creating digital music–which include audio engineering, sequential learning, performance, and public speaking–and an appreciation of urban music genres and performing artists from around the world.  

In order to bring The Living Remix to broader audiences and environments, DJ SpazeCraft has developed iterations of the workshop that have been adapted to address many different purposes, from bringing voice to political issues to engaging a conference of educators to creating an iPad jam for middle schoolers.  “Pop-up” versions of The Living Remix workshop have been conducted in a variety of settings, including Hive’s Maker Party, nonprofit youth programs, public libraries, and music festivals.  The Living Remix has been designed to develop into a full program in both informal and traditional classroom learning spaces that are interested in integrating music and digital media education into its curriculum.  Some organizations and institutions that The Living Remix has led partner workshops for include:

  • Beam Center
  • TED Youth NYC
  • Universal Zulu Nation Family Day
  • Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival
  • Bronx Heritage Center
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Maker Faire
  • EyeBeam
  • Today’s Future Sound



The Living Remix and Lupe Fiasco workshop

Lead Organization:
The Living Remix

Partner Organizations:
New York Hall of Science , DreamYard Project

Project Goal:
To create an interactive, engaging, and intergenerational learning environment that raises the voices of youth participants and encourages them to become new media producers & community leaders that consider the communities needs.

Project Tags:
Advocacy & Social Justice, Arts, Media Literacy & Production, Youth Development & Leadership

Project Portfolio