Digital Day Camp

Exploring creative forms of expression and research through digital tools.

Digital Day Camp is a three-week summer arts and technology intensive for NYC public high school students. In 2011, 20 teens worked under the guidance of a team of creative mentors to produce a series of site-specific media-rich stories. For the final project, each teen chose a 10 by 10 foot space near Eyebeam as their canvas, creating a work of time-based or visual art for the public to encounter. This culminating project was preceded by a series of activities that revolved around the use of the number 10 as both creative inspiration and design constraint. The final products were integrated as part of a web-based, participatory mapping project called Re-Mapping the City.

This project was funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust in 2011.


Lead Organization:
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center

Project Goal:
Motivate youth to level up from media consumers to media creators by using the city as inspiration.

Project Tags:
Arts, Design, Webmaking

Project Portfolio

  • teaching resources

    Digital Day Camp Curriculum

    An overview of the teaching approach and a session-by-session plan of Digital Day Camp 2011.

  • documentation

    Youth Blog

    Teen participants write about their experience at Digital Day Camp and document their projects.

  • sample works

    Re-Mapping the City with Our Final Projects

    The teens created a web-based participatory map of their site-specific projects. Each pin-point represents a 10′x10′ square of NYC that Digital Day Camp teens claimed as their own. They used their spaces as sites for collaboration, creative intervention, research and performance.