Hive NYC is comprised of over 50 member organizations, including museums, libraries, coding clubs, informal learning spaces and afterschool programs. Organizations are all non-profit, with 501(c)3 status, and offer programs for youth (ages 12-19) in at least one of the five boroughs. At Hive NYC, members network with each other, share best practices and pedagogies, learn about and play with new technologies, participate in events, and most importantly, collaborate to design and implement transformative learning opportunities for NYC youth.

Member Logo Soup (updated2014-08-12)

Lead Member Organization Responsibilities

Hive NYC members are active contributors and collaborators in our networked approach, and through their participation and leadership, they demonstrate their commitment to:

  • Create interest-based, production-centered learning opportunities for youth
  • Embrace innovation and be advocates for change in the NYC learning landscape
  • Collaborate with other organizations in the network
  • Work in the open, sharing plans, practices and outcomes under Creative Commons licensing
  • Create prototypes and provide shareable outcomes
  • Incorporate opportunities for youth to build 21st century skills
  • Develop practices, technologies and frameworks that provide youth with equitable, accessible opportunities to participate to their fullest capacity

Member Organization Benefits

  • Strategic guidance in seeking funding through the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in the New York Community Trust
  • Brokered connections between member organizations based on shared ideas and potential programs
  • Project assistance and support in the form of fiscal sponsorship, creative and technological consultation and strategic planning
  • Opportunity to participate in events in and beyond New York City that illustrate the work of network members and promote Connected Learning principles, digital literacy and webmaking skills
  • Strengthen capacity for designing and implementing high quality digital media learning programs through travel grants, presentation opportunities and design charrettes
  • Help achieving wider program impact by sharing and presenting program models and/or learning strategies.
  • Access to Mozilla’s global network of tech-savvy, webmaking, global representatives
  • Access to involvement with the NYC Department of Education, Department of Youth and Community Development and others seeking to build experimental and/or sustainable partnerships with Hive NYC
  • Additional promotion for programs and events through Hive NYC communications channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), as well as youth and volunteer recruitment
  • A knowledge exchange for members to share models, ideas, content, tools and best-practices with each other
  • Professional development through peer mentoring, modeling and sharing
  • Monthly, in-person meet-ups and conference calls that allow for members to share program updates, best practices, and learn about new opportunities

Current Members

Hive NYC is made up of large and small organizations and individuals working with a wide range of missions, youth populations, disciplines, and engagement strategies, but who all share a clear set of values and aspirations. Together, they act on and advance core principles and practices in their programs, in their partnerships, and throughout the network itself.

Organizations designated as “lead members” help drive Hive NYC’s efforts to champion digital skills and web literacy through connected learning. They develop and scale new ideas through Hive Digital Media and Learning Fund‘s competitive funding mechanisms and provide a model for Hive’s core principles and practices across the city and within the field.


If you are interested in participating in Hive NYC, please see our get involved form and join our email list.