Hive NYC Learning Network

Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network (Hive NYC) is a city-wide learning laboratory for educators, technologists, and mentors to design innovative connected educational experiences for youth.

  • For educators, including designers, makers, artists, and technologists, Hive NYC offers opportunities to learn through shared commitment and participation in building innovative and transformative educational experiences for youth via meetups, workshops, community events, and strategic partnerships.
  • For middle and high school-aged youth, Hive NYC creates learning opportunities through hands-on making and exploration with peers and mentors that develop digital and web literacy skills for future success.
  • For partners, technologists, and tool-builders, Hive NYC is a decentralized learning lab that provides opportunities to mentor young makers and inventors, playtest and provide feedback for new prototypes, and develop new approaches and tools with learning innovators.

Hive NYC’s membership includes over 60 non-profit organizations, such as museums, libraries, code clubs, advocacy groups, higher education institutions, and afterschool programs. Together, they create an ecosystem of equitable and accessible education opportunities for young people to explore their interests and develop skills that prepare them for success in the digital information age.

For more information and a history of Hive NYC’s development and growth, please explore our timeline.

Who we are

The Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network team oversees and guides the work of the network, including connecting members, facilitating partnerships, investigating opportunities, and hosting events. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of learning and connecting innovators and changemakers in education, technology, digital media, design and youth development.

  • Amy Chou, Hive Fund Specialist
  • Chrystian Rodriguez, Network Manager
  • Hana Sun, Portfolio Strategist

The Hive NYC team is based in DUMBO, in Brooklyn.


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