Dec 21 2016

Celebrating Hive NYC in 2016!!!

Hive NYC

Emoti-Con 2016!


The year 2016 was filled with transitions, thoughtful leadership, and collaborative opportunities for the Hive NYC Learning Network.  This year brought more learning opportunities, collective critical thinking, sharing best practices, and healing conversations among our membership. Here’s a list of network highlights that we’ve rounded up in celebration of the work we’ve accomplished:



  1. New staff, new visions: With the transitions of Leah Gilliam and Julia Vallera, a  new leadership team has joined Hive NYC! Hana Sun and Chrystian Rodriguez are ready to strengthen community building for the Hive Learning Network to grow our collective power as amazing educators and youth allies.
  2. The Building Connected Credentials project, a year-long working group comprised of select Hive NYC member organizations invested in advancing learning through shared assessments and trusted credentialing across formal and informal settings, brought together community members from the Department of Education, Department of Youth and Community Development, higher education, media and tech industry, youth practitioners, and other stakeholders to learn and think about how to create a more equitable learning ecosystem for youth.
  3. Mozilla and Hive NYC served as community partners for the City Council Speaker’s office’s digital inclusion initiative, providing hands-on workshops focused on digital security and online privacy to communities throughout the five boroughs.
  4. Hive NYC developed a new membership structure in collaboration with members. The new membership structure provides clearer guidelines aligned with the network’s core values. The revised structure ensures that it remains a valuable peer learning space with an active membership.
  5. Hive launched its pilot Youth Digital Media Evaluation Cohort project in partnership with Algorhythm to begin measuring the effectiveness of youth-focused digital media programs on improving social and emotional learning outcomes for youth.
  6. Glass Room NYC, a partnership with Mozilla, Hive NYC, Tactical Technology Collective, brought New Yorkers an immersive experience into how our data and digital lives are traced as we enter the web realm. The Glass Room brought together over 30 member organizations and offered eye-opening tours, inspiring guest speakers, and skills building workshops to close to 10,000 visitors.
  7. 29 member organizations received a total $915,500 in grants from the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund to bring innovative digital media learning practices and programs to young people throughout NYC.
  8. The fifth annual Emoti-Con! Festival took place in June, giving over 150 NYC youth an opportunity to showcase their digital media and technology projects to their peers and professionals in the field.
  9. Mozfest 2016 helped connect more than 1,800 people from around the globe through 460 sessions.  Hive NYC members The Knowledge House, DreamYard Project, and Hive Research Lab presented work they’ve been doing to promote youth pathways and digital portfolios.
  10. Hive Research Lab was featured in the White House announcement charting progress to President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative.

Hive members, what are your top highlights from 2016?  We’re looking forward to seeing you all next year!


Chrystian and Hana in London for MozFest 2016

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