Jun 05 2013

Our Biggest Learning Party Yet!

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We’re gearing up for a global Maker Party in three weeks! It will run from June 15 to September 15, and through events and programs where people will be making and learning, gaining and sharing new skills, and of course having fun, we’re sparking a movement to teach the world the web.

The growing mentor community is vital in helping us spread the maker spirit around the  world. You care about digital literacy, you want to teach others how the web works, and help them understand that they have agency to create and remix their world.

The Mozilla Mentor community team is led by Mozilla staff, including those who oversee the Hive Learning Networks (in Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh and Toronto, with other cities joining soon), plus hundreds of international Mozilla representatives (ReMo’s), teachers, informal educators, technologists, makers, librarians, youth and you.

Our team is here to assist partners, organizations and others who are interested in throwing (or attending) Maker Parties in their local communities. Here’s how we can help:

Teach the Web MOOC (A Mozilla Open Online Community)

  • Connect with other mentors around the world. Share ideas, get access to resources, find new partners, peer support and feedback, and Maker Party training. Join weekly guided discussion or participate on your own time via Google+ It’s a nine-week course (currently in week six) but it’s not too late to join! These last few weeks are all about party planning – identifying goals, creating resources and learning activities, and finding partners and others to help make your events a success.

Web Platform

  • webmaker.org/party will be the main hub where we you can plug in your Maker Party events to the global Maker Party events calendar. It’s THE place to find out where events are happening–in your hometown and around the world. It’s also where we can share our progress and party highlights. The complete event platform launches on June 15, but in the meantime, you can enter any event details here and we’ll be sure to get them loaded for you.

Content, Curriculum, Tools

  • It’s your party and you can do what you want to. But we’ve also gathered a bunch of resources to help. Maker Party hosting guides. Links to useful tools like Scratch, Webmaker, Meemoo. Invitation templates. Lesson plans and activity kits. Posters. Stickers. All sorts of “party favors” you can use to augment or run your Maker Party events.

If you’d like to get in touch with someone on the Mozilla Mentor team, or need help identifying potential collaborators or other events for possible tie-ins, the best way to reach us is via Twitter @mozteach. Tell us what kind of assistance you’re looking for and do all we can to help. Also use the #teachtheweb hashtag to connect with the broader Webmaker mentor community.

The Maker Party campaign is really a springboard to spark a larger movement of people teaching people how to make the web. When more people understand how to play with the building blocks of the web, anything is possible. We look forward to seeing what connections are made, what people learn and of course what they make as part of this global party. In fact, we’ll be showcasing some of best outcomes and the most active party hosts/mentors at Mozilla Festival 2013 in London this October. That will be a forum for learning from each other about what worked well and what we can do to maintain momentum and build the Webmaker mentor program in 2014.

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