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Mar 26 2013

Hive Fashion House recently hosted two fabulous Curate. Style. Capture. workshops for youth at Chicago’s YOUmedia teen space in the Harold Washington Library Center and at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Studio in NYC. Both events were led by Hive Fashion Mentors Cheryl Pope & Avri Coleman and focused on a series of design challenges for the youth participants:

  • Figure Freestyle (Chicago only)—youth select and wear garments on their body in any way they choose, except as the garments were meant to be worn.

  • Dress-Form Freestyle—creatively pin button-down shirts or other garments on professional dress forms with no restrictions.

  • Focus—borrow inspiration from a photograph to recreate the ideas in unique designs on the dress forms, again with button-down shirts or other articles of found clothing.

  • Reflect—share your final designs and describe the decisions that brought the creative ideas to life.

    Hive Fashion House at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC

Hive Fashion Mentors made an assortment of clothing and fabric available for the participants, and in teams, the teens had to select and style the garments to reflect a given theme (e.g. “rebellious,” “creative,” “statuesque”). The youth were then asked to step back and reflect on their experience. They photographed their looks in a professional studio-like setting and one person from each team documented the process and provided live blog updates.

They explored design and sculptural concepts like draping, how to create volume in a garment, and how to add surface treatments like embellishments or color to transform the look. They also were encouraged to look at (and photograph) their garments from all directions, to examine materials in unconventional ways, and to be aware that small actions could yield big impact.

When creating looks based on nature and architectural images, they paid close attention to shape, structure, line, color, scene, temperature and character, and considered how professional designers find inspiration for their own designs. In their reflections of these looks, having the images really seemed to help them articulate their designs in a way that was different from explaining their free-form looks. It gave them a point of inspiration and meaning through which they could visualize and hone their ideas.

Digital and analog badges were issued at both events to recognize that these events were more than just fun, but that the teens also gained new skills, from collaboration to creative design!

The events were a huge success. Special thanks to the teens from Hive NYC and Hive Chicago, including YMCA and Cooper-Hewitt in NYC and YOUmedia and Street-Level in Chicago.

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