Dec 10 2012

Webmaker Community Needs Your Input


Mark Surman recently blogged about where Webmaker is headed in 2013. Building a great product that provides value and also harnesses and celebrates the open web is a huge piece of the puzzle, as is cultivating a global community of people who believe in all the web has to offer, and want to share their passion and skills with others.

We’re planning to help grow this community, which will be modeled on what we’ve done with Hive as well as Summer Code Party 2012 efforts.

A global community of makers and mentors excited to show people what you can do using the creative and technical freedoms of the web and (open tech in general). They use open tech and a maker attitude to teach everything from art to science to citizenship. Sometimes, they use Webmaker tools. Sometimes they use Scratch. Sometimes they hack with toys and hardware from the junkyard. And everything in between. This community is built on the event and local learning network models that we’ve begun to develop with Summer Code Party and Hive NYC.

Mozilla is hoping to assemble the educators, mentors, teachers, techies and others that want to connect their maker spirit to the web. If that sounds like it might be you, he’d love your input on the draft goals and objectives for Webmaker in 2013. Please read this post and share your feedback/pushback in the comments on Mark’s blog:

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