Nov 20 2012

What’s buzzing? 11.20.12


The latest Hive NYC member news and links:

  • The Queens Library Tumblr has lots of helpful information about how the library branches are serving residents still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. They have provided much-needed comfort to the community, from electronics charging stations and free wifi and computer usage to book readings for youth while their parents were receiving donations. We’re proud of their efforts and are awaiting more details on how we can help moving forward.

And here’s more recommended reading/viewing:

The possibility MOOCs hold out isn’t replacement; anything that could replace the traditional college experience would have to work like one, and the institutions best at working like a college are already colleges. The possibility MOOCs hold out is that the educational parts of education can be unbundled. MOOCs expand the audience for education to people ill-served or completely shut out from the current system, in the same way phonographs expanded the audience for symphonies to people who couldn’t get to a concert hall, and PCs expanded the users of computing power to people who didn’t work in big companies.

Those earlier inventions systems started out markedly inferior to the high-cost alternative: records were scratchy, PCs were crashy. But first they got better, then they got better than that, and finally, they got so good, for so cheap, that they changed people’s sense of what was possible.

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