Oct 03 2012

From Scissors to Circuits

Maker Faire NYC, News

We’re still buzzing from another exciting World Maker Faire! We had 13 Hive NYC members join us to facilitate exciting activities and showcase our work.

Once again hosted by our own NYSCI, the event was set against the backdrop of the 1964-1965 World’s Faire NYC —complete with two NASA rockets, a life-size mousetrap and Katy Perry the Unicorn–and brought hundreds of vendors and exhibitors and thousands of people (55,000) of all ages together around opportunities to explore, observe, create and produce.

Like last year, Hive NYC was based in the Young Makers Tent (sponsored by Cognizant), however unlike last year, there were more activities geared towards the tween and teen set. There was also a well-conceived program of engaging, facilitated workshops and discussions in the Education Cafe, the brainchild of AnnMarie Thomas, Executive Director of the Maker Education Initiative.

In the Hive corner of the Young Makers Tent, we had five tables, and were neighbored by the Central Jersey Robotics Group, HTINK, NYC Makery and others making marshmallow shooters and markerbots.

On Saturday, NYSCI, HabitatMap and Sonoma Tech brought the fog machine and pollution vest to help illustrate components of the C3 and Aircasting platform, which records, maps, and shares environmental data using a smartphone.


High school students from MOUSE Corps joined us to share their Legacy Project prototypes, which all solved unique challenges facing the blind and visually impaired – The Dining Band (Emoti-Con! 2012 Overall Winner!), Your Path, Fashionator & Smartchair.

Media-making and breaking was also in full-effect with The American Museum of Natural History and Reel Works working on an on-site filmmaking workshop, and The LAMP showing festival-goers how to “talk back” to and hack commercial advertising messages.
WNYC Radio Rookies were also on-board to help Maker Faire attendees create 30 on-site, DIY podcasts, which are all available on Broadcastr.com.

Liza Stark from Parsons showed off BOXES (Building Open Expandable Electronic Systems), which sparks computational thinking and STEM concepts through craft. At a mini-workshop at our booth, she helped people make circuits out of paper, conductive copper tape, and LEDs.

Teens from the Rubin Museum of Art transformed the pavement next to our tent, as well as arms and foreheads of many festival-goers with their henna tattoo and bindi station, and Rongoli floor designs!

Teen summer reading ambassadors from Brooklyn Public Library shared some of their favorite iPad apps. And DJ Spazecraft One from World UP had everyone recording and mixing beats as part of The Living Remix project.


On Sunday, Iridescent facilitated two activities based on their Curiosity Machine program, including making 3D balls out of paper and mini-catapults out of rubber bands and sticks. Also, City Lore revisited a popular activity from Maker Faire 2011 – the totem pole!

The ever-fabulous Cydney from DreamYard, along with help from some teens that participated in the DreamYard Summer Fashion Week program, were responsible for upping the trend factor at Maker Faire this year. They shared some seriously cool cut and tie techniques to make big, bland T-shirts into true fashion statements.

People’s Production House/REV- play-tested their World’s Fair 2.0 cell phone-enabled game that explores how the NY World’s Fairs determined NYC’s future!

And you know we had to bring the webmaker fun! Maker Faire marked our last official Hive Summer Code Party of 2012, and the X-Ray Goggles were in full effect! Watching kids’ faces once they’ve clicked “Commit Changes” is kinda priceless, in the sense that you get to witness both their creativity and their remix a-ha moment. Witness the unicorns and disestablishmentarianism!

With all of this awesomeness came TWO Make Educator’s Choice ribbons for the Hive booth! We’re so thankful to all of our members and friends who came out to make and learn and teach and share with us!


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