Feb 23 2012

Our stake in Mozilla’s learning tent


Today, Mozilla Foundation Executive Director Mark Surman blogged about the Hive Toronto Youth Hack Jam which took place last weekend.  They had 50+ youth in attendance, along with their parents and some volunteers, and proved the demand for creating a local community dedicated to raising a generation of web makers is alive and strong in Toronto.

We highly recommend you subscribe to Mark’s blog, Commonspace, if you haven’t already (see other Mozilla blogs you should be reading here.  It offers great insight into what’s churning not-so-behind-the-scenes at Mozilla in regards to learning.

Our thinking continues to evolve, as we and our colleagues pursue opportunities to help us explore and test what makes web makers, what the necessary skills are for developing digital literacy, and how we grow a global community of those who share our ethos.  In addition to building our own learning tools like Hackasaurus and PopcornMaker, we’re working harder to highlight, build and strengthen relationships with the people and existing projects that contribute to richer learning experiences for all.

We’re well on our way as Mark points out:

Hive NYC is already a model of how diverse organizations and technologies snap together into a learning experience bigger and more exciting that anything that a single org could do. The interesting part is that we’ve now done this in three new cities: London; Tokyo; Toronto. And, in each, we’re finding the same willingness to play beyond turf and build a new way of teaching using the ethos and technology of the web.”

But of course we can do more.  If you have recommendations for folks we should be speaking with or tools we should be checking out, please let us know!

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