Feb 03 2012

Hive HQ Bulletin: What we are building


In the ongoing spirit of sharing my/our thinking around issues, ideas, challenges and opportunities swirling around Hive, I am sharing what Lainie and I recently brainstormed around the question that Mozilla has challenged us  to answer: “What are you building?”

Mozilla Foundation projects and staff are very prolific, engaging and insightful bloggers and one of our goals with Explore Create Share is to both plug into these conversations and bridge those conversations to those within Hive and our activated community. We recently collected all the “MoFo” blogs and created a page. I urge you to read these when you have time (I know, I know…what time?)

Please hack away at our ideas. And revisit our draft 2012 goals.  Would love to have feedback and then take another pass at this.

What Hive is building:


  • better engaging the community of professionals and youth that comprise our membership
  • activating and growing communities of NYC of parents, educators and others interested in our work
  • connecting thought leaders and practitioners – how can we serve as a connection with others doing similar work outside of, within and beyond NYC?
  • connecting with communities in other cities (US and globally) towards building Hives through similar and collaborative processes – meta-level organizers

Learning Lab

  • collaborative curriculum/software/tools/resources that demonstrate/model/produce learning programs and environments that benefit the learning landscapes and establish Hive as valuable incubation space
  • digital distribution infrastructures that spread the curriculum/software/tools
  • funding streams that prime the pump to overtly produce projects that help us become a lab in aggregate
  • a cadre of engineers, designers, coders, technologists, artists, scientists, media producers and other professionals interested in building/learning and iterating with Hive
  • taking a bird’s eye view – we’ll look for emergent themes, patterns and connections amongst the work that goes on in Hive NYC and the larger learning landscape – from this vantage point, we’ll work to become a matchmaker to connect the right people/orgs to resources and collaborative opportunities
  • seeing when these labs mature or produce worthwhile curriculum and tools, and help to fast-track them towards iteration, prototyping and scalability

What would you add?


(image credit: longstreet.typepad.com)

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