Jan 26 2012

Learn More About Emoti-Con! It Will Make You :)

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Emoti-Con! or iˈmōtəˌkän:  a combination of keyboard characters used in electronic communications to convey feelings or tone…and the largest youth gathering of self-proclaimed geeks, hackers, and makers in NYC(0.0)!

Hive members…get excited! In alleyways, basements, and dark corners of the five boroughs, the Emoti-Con! 2012 steering committee – a masked team of Hive Members from four youth-serving organizations – have been hard-at-work hatching the plan for the 4th Annual Emoti-Con! NYC. Over the course of the next five months, the Hive’s Explore, Create, Share blog will host update posts as the event comes together.

Our hope is that the members of the Hive network will:

  • learn more about about this exciting opportunity to showcase the amazing design, media, and technology work of Hive youth,
  • stay connected with relevant updates about participation, and
  • share in the excitement and energy that this event has built for NYC youth since our founding three years ago.

This year’s Emoti-Con! will feature a great agenda to engage youth in the process of demonstrating their ideas, connect them with peers who share their interests, and inspire them to continue driving the spirit of innovation. The main event is the Youth Digital Media and Technology Challenge – a youth-led design competition to feature NYC’s most innovative media and technology projects across the spectrum of non-formal creative technology and media programs. Amazing keynote speakers from several industries will engage youth to think about pathways to their future, and all participants will gain important opportunities to network with peers, join group design challenges, and connect their voices to a shared dialogue about the role of digital media and technology in our lives and our future.

To learn more, we hope you’ll take a spin through our Emoti-Con! orientation Prezi.If you haven’t already received it, also check out the Emoti-Con! Save the Date on MiniGroup and feel free to fill out our Google inquiry form if you have any questions or comments about the event.

This month, in the spirit of the Emoti-Con! challenge, we’re asking the Hive to show your support in the following ways:

Next post, you’ll hear more from the Youth Action Team (A-Team for short) with a post to introduce themselves, their process for working together, and their visions for Emoti-Con! 2012. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

This post was written by Marc Lesser, Education Director @ MOUSE and maybe an Emoti-Con Steering Committee Member, but we can’t tell you that (as those identities are being concealed as you read earlier).

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