Dec 06 2011

Badges Enter Stage Two in DML Competition

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HASTAC has announced the proposals that have been invited to the next stage of the Digital Media and Learning Competition on Badges for Lifelong Learning and we are so excited that eight Hive Learning Network members have moved forward!

Here they are:

  • MOUSE‘s badge-based achievement system rewards youth for participation within MOUSE’s national web-based network platform on media and technology literacies.
  • Parsons The New School For Design proposes a restructuring of courses offered in the School of Design Strategies through the badges system where the pedagogy will follow established practices of blended learning using wikis, blogs, discussion boards, OSQA, and other tools.
  • Iridescent Learning’s Curiosity Machine challenges children to assume the role of creators, engineers, tinkerers and inventors as they make their way through a robust online curriculum and corresponding mobile phone apps. The proposed badges will support Curiosity Machine in developing and validating targeted learning skills.
  • The American Museum of Natural History plans to pilot its badge system for two programs: Digital Learning Institutes and After-School Program where educators will assess a set of competencies critical to succeeding in most scientific disciplines, while enabling learners to self-direct their own engagement and design a roadmap to science learning that matches their individual goals.
  • People’s Production House proposed Reticulator, a civic media badge system that rewards and evaluates participants’ contribution to accurate, nuanced, and well-crafted journalism. The proposed badges system incentivizes compelling and informative non-fiction stories, and bolsters a network of citizen-journalists.
  • The Museum of the Moving Image proposed Video Game-Maker Badges targeted towards tweens and teens, to will recognize achievement in activities including game-making workshops, after-school courses, camps and jams.
  • Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will employ a multi-tiered system that will allow students to secure badges based on design disciplines and skills. This system will allow students to study design at a lateral level before delving deeper into specialties.  Weighted badge holders will assume more responsibility and receive the opportunity to access more incentives.
  • Digital Youth Network Mentor Badges create a system that supports self-initiated, contextualized learning that would be ideal as mentors come in at different levels with respect to pedagogical knowledge, cultural capital, technical fluency/skills and a personal portfolio.

This next stage seeks fully-developed badge systems (compatible with the Mozilla Badge Infrastructure) including qualifications, criteria, design, portability and more.  We look forward to seeing what our members and others develop!
Also HASTAC recently closed the application process on badges for teachers/mentors and Hive NYC member Bank Street College of Education submitted a proposal to develop an online community of practice where early childhood and special education teachers acquire badges to acknowledge their own learning and/or their contributions to the learning of others by exploring, creating and sharing documents, case studies and classroom scenarios.

Good luck to all!

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