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Teach the Web (Mozilla Open Online Collaboration)
Make. Teach. Party.

Webmaker Mentor Community

This experience is all about connection. Sure, we have some topics and themes to explore, and we’ll have plenty of things to make and do, but really Teach the Web is about connecting with other people who are passionate about spreading digital and web literacies. It is the interaction with the people around you that will make this a successful learning experience. Teach the Web is meant to be a social collaboration, rather than a solo deep dive into content.

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TLDR (too long; didn’t read) of the Below: 

To help you connect and get involved with Teach the Web,
we’ll be using a couple of different tools:


  1. The Mailing List – We’ll be using the Mentor Community Mailing List to  send information, notifications and celebrations. If you’ve registered for Teach the Web, you’re already on this list. And of course, unsubscribe links are included in every mail.
  2. The Teach the Web blog at http://hivenyc.org/teachtheweb – This is the place you can see the #teachtheweb calendar, topics and tasks, archives of live chats and meetings and an aggregation of connected blogs.
  3. Your connected blog! The best way to connect and learn is to let others know what you’re thinking, making and doing so that people can respond, ask questions and push you to be better AND realize your own awesome.If you already have a blog set up, please submit it to the blog aggregator.If you don’t have a blog, consider setting one up. There are lots of different blog engines to choose from. Tumblr is probably the easiest to set up but WordPress.com, Edublogs.org, Google’s Blogger, or a WordPress installation on your own site might give you more features. Just follow the onscreen directions, and if you get stuck, post to the G+ Community.Be sure and tag your Teach the Web related posts with #teachtheweb!
  4. Speaking of which, the G+ Webmaker Community is the place we’ll be sharing and discussing at a deeper level. You can share resources, use the +1 feature to give quick, positive feedback, target individuals and have engaging discussions with the community at large.
  5. TwitterTwitter is a great place to find like-minds and participate in the discussions Teach the Web will invariably produce. The hashtag for this experience is #teachtheweb and we’ll be aggregating and archiving everything using that hashtag.
  6. Live Sessions – We’re still dicussing the tech we’ll use for the three live sessions on May 2nd, May 23rd and June 13th. For Twitter Chats every Thursday at 5pm UTC, we’ll be using the hashtag #teachtheweb
  7. IRC – If you’ve never heard of IRC, this video explains it briefly (note: every time you hear “GenOpen” just mentally say “Teach the Web”). This wiki page explains IRC and helps you get set up. We’ll have an IRC channel #teachtheweb on the Mozilla server, so if you want to connect in real time, set up IRC and join us!