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Plan the Tutorial:

Paper Prototyping and Schematics


  1. step01_openPopcorn

    Once learners have brainstormed on various ideas for their How to (see the Icebreaker Collaborative Mindmapping: Finding the How-to, have them decide which idea to pursue. Allow learners to work individually or form small groups.

    Learners should plan the story of their How tos and the web integration they would like to use (for example, will they use a wikipedia page to allow viewers to explore a particular concept further or show a specific Twitter hashtag?).

  2. step02_prototyping

    Using paper, learners should sketch out the progression of their How-tos and write the script their videos will use. Have them plan what kind of online resources and images they plan to use. Then help them draw out the structure and schematics of their How-tos. Make sure they have access to the Schematics and Storyboarding crash course.

  3. Float around to help learners that get stuck. In the Building the How-to hacktivity, learners will build their ideas using Popcorn Maker. In the course of their planning, they can create sound recordings, shoot photographs, and otherwise make media that they will use in the Hands on Hacking activity.

  4. Have learners present their plans and created content to the group. Talk about each idea and give feedback, then give learners more time to iterate their plans based on the feedback they received.



Have participants talk about their ideas. Ask them what they had to do to make a How-to of their own. Reinforce the idea that Popcorn allows them to pull in dynamic data.

Following the presentations, facilitators should direct participants to other resources in their community or online to learn more about storytelling, user participation and interactivity. Provide individual constructive feedback during presentations.