Collaborative Mindmapping:

Finding the How-to


  1. step01_writetheRules

    Break into small groups and have learners write "How to" in the middle of a large sheet of paper.

  2. step02_writetheRules

    Explain that each participant will write 3 to 5 ideas related to How tos. You may wish to give them specific guidelines that relate to other learning objectives you have. For example, if you would like your learners to create How Tos that explain how to use a particular web tool, have them write out different tools or processes they would like to explain.

  3. step03_writetheRules

    Have learners generate statements, drawings, and words that expand upon each idea. They can expand on their own ideas or one of their peers.

  4. step04_writetheRules

    Finally, have learners present their mindmaps to the group. Have participants talk about the process and discuss new ideas that arose from the activity.



Discuss the process of the hacktivity and talk about the fact that brainstorming in collaboration can lead to new ideas. How did the hacktivity illustrate this? Who came up with a new idea because of what someone else wrote or drew?