Building the How to:

with Popcorn Maker


  1. Introduce the design challenge:
    collect and make

    There are thousands of ways to explain how to do different things. To keep a user engaged, create a How-to tutorial that is well thought out and uses dynamic data to augment the explanation.

  2. Have learners collect and make the media they need to tell their stories. Allow them to collaborate and give each other ideas and feedback across groups.

  3. step04_remixathonCultural

    Have learners use the "basic" template to create an interactive video for their How-tos. Suggest that they collaborate to figure out Popcorn Maker and tinker around with their own ideas.

  4. Float around to help learners that get stuck and encourage them during this make session.
  5. Examples



Have participants talk about their films and display the work they have done.

Following the presentations, facilitators should direct participants to other resources in their community or online to learn more about filmmaking and remixing. Talk about changing the context of something by adding additional information. Provide individual constructive feedback during presentations.