Make a Mashup:

with the Gender Remixer


  1. step02_writetheRulesStart by having learners access the Gender Remixer and create audio and video mashups.
  2. Allow learners to explore the tool for a few minutes. Explain that they are viewing mashups. A mashup is the result of is putting together two pieces of content to create new meaning.

  3. Gather learners into a group and begin a discussion around how the context of the ads changed when they create mash ups. Show other examples of mashups. Discuss, for example, what learners would think if this demotivational poster didn't have text. Or if this meme didn't have an image.



Discuss the process of the activity and talk about the idea that remixing is a derivative artform. Have a discussion about creative remix. For ideas to help you lead this discussion, check out the remixes section of Gender Remixer creator Jonathan McIntosh's website Rebellious Pixels.