Localize it:

Street Level Journalism


  1. group discussion

    Have learners think about community issues in their neighborhoods. Ask the question, "What is the biggest issue in your neighborhood?" and guide a discussion wherein learners can express their thoughts about local issues.

  2. Introduce the design challenge:

    Design Challenge:

    Every neighborhood has different issues that affect its community. In one neighborhood it might be a run down building that mars the aesthetic, while in another neighborhood homelessness might be prevalent. There are also stories in which citizens have changed their neighborhoods through collaborative actions, such as creating a community garden or organizing a neighborhood art festival. Find a story that is unique to your neighborhood and create a segment that covers that story.

    Allow learners to create a plan for their videos using pens and paper. How will they tell their story? What assets will they collect? What images will they use? What is the sequencing for the story? Invite them to draw sketches and plans for their videos.

  3. neighborhood tour

    Have learners film short segments in their neighborhoods. Even a film shot with a cellphone can work for this project. If time (or equipment) is a factor, invite them to make an audio recording of their stories and pull images and content from the web to illustrate it. Learners can upload the audio file to Soundcloud. If you need a software to record audio files, try Audacity. If you need help using Audacity, YouTube has lots of videos on the subject.

  4. step04_remixathonCultural

    Have learners remix the Neighborhood Tour project to be about their own neighborhoods. Once everyone is finished, have learners present their videos and give each other feedback.

  5. Examples



Have participants talk about their films and display the work they have done.

Following the presentations, facilitators should direct participants to other resources in their community or online to learn more about filmmaking and remixing. Provide individual constructive feedback during presentations.