Media Mesh:

History's Web


  1. group

    To set up the hacktivity, get all participants standing in a circle.

  2. Holding onto one end of the string or yarn, toss the ball to someone in the group and ask them a question concerning media history. Some sample questions might be:

    • How did the printing press change society?
    • How did the development of audio recordings influence musical styles?
    • What were the first movies like?
    • Why did people create cave paintings thousands of years ago?
    • What are the two signal types used in Morse Code?
    • Who was Johann Gutenberg?
    • What is "yellow journalism"?
    • How is the World Wide Web different from the other mass mediums?
    • What is biasm?
    • What was early television like?

  3. media mesh

    Whomever catches the ball gives their answer to the question and then ask a new question. Then, the learner asks a new question and tosses the ball to someone new.

  4. Continue the discussion until everyone has answered at least one question.



Discuss how would the created web might look different if the questions, participants, etc had been in a different order?