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Intergenerational Media Literacy Program

Empowering youth and seniors to challenge stereotypes in media

The Intergenerational Media Literacy Program brought together 30 youth from The Learning About Media Program (LAMP) and 30 seniors from Older Adults Technology Services to explore ageist stereotypes in the media and collaboratively respond to the negative representations by remixing commercials.

In designing the project, The LAMP chose to work with two groups who are often misrepresented by the media—seniors and youth. Together the youth and seniors learned about media portrayals of various groups of people, analyzed videos clips to unpack the narratives of racial, gender, or class bias, and investigated ways to critically react to harmful, irresponsible, or misleading media.

The Museum of Moving Image identified and curated a collection of video clips `that were appropriate and meaningful for this diverse and intergenerational media producers. Ideal clips would be familiar and recognizable by both seniors and youth, would not require prior knowledge, and include content that both perpetuate and challenge stereotypes.

After analyzing the curated collection, the participants worked in pairs to select and remix messages that maintained ageist stereotypes. Using basic video editing skills, each youth-senior pair added text, sound and audio juxtapositions to the selected video clip to “talk back”  and critique the messaging and ideological codes. The remixed videos were added to the LAMPlatoon, the LAMP’s video portal of “broken” commercials.

This project was funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust in 2012 and 2013.



Lead Organization:

Partner Organizations:
Museums of Moving Image (MMI) , Older Adults Technology Services (OATS)

Project Goal:
Provide youth with the skills and strategies that enable them to respond to media messages.

Project Tags:
Media Literacy & Production, Youth Development & Leadership

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