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HungerCraft is a day-long design jam that combines the game MineCraft with the novel The Hunger Games.

HungerCraft demonstrates a learning approach that addresses the needs and interests of youth by combining two spaces that occupy youth culture: the world of The Hunger Games and Minecraft.

During a day-long workshop or “game jam,” youth participants formed two teams to recreate the world of The Hunger Games using the educational online gaming platform, MinecraftEdu. Along the way, the teams had to overcome challenges and constraints that mirrored real-world conditions, such as inequality, oppression and resource distribution.

The identifiable references to The Hunger Games quickly engage youth interest while the Minecraft platform allows the youth teams to gain critical and strategic thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills via game play. The facilitated game jam experience also gave youth the opportunity to learn that teamwork is essential to build a viable community and to reflect on the connection between the issues they encountered in HungerCraft and issues of contemporary society.

Partner Organizations:
Hive NYC Learning Network , Global Kids , Brooklyn Public Library

Grant Information:
Spark Grant, Hive Digital Media Learning Fund 2011

Project Goal:
Demonstrate the potential of adapting an existing digital and social media tool to activate connected learning principles for youth.

Project Tags:
Advocacy & Social Justice, Games & Game Design, Youth Development & Leadership

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