Expanding youth interest in the arts through digital media arts.

CLICK@MoMA is a seasonal art-making class for teens that connects the museum’s collection of modern and contemporary art, and artists’ practices to the field of digital media.

For summer 2011, the staff collaborated with Institute of Play to develop a curriculum and learning objectives for a six-week workshop on digital media and game design. Led by a group of professional game designers, youth explored the intersection of game design and art before developing their own games. They considered how a work of art’s subject and composition (such as texture, form, scale) could inspire interaction, they examined how technology impacts game dynamics, and they learned about game production tools and software.

In the fall, MoMA partnered with BabyCastles, an indie videogame collective known for creating arcade settings to exhibit games, to design a curriculum on interactive technology and the connection between sculptural objects and playable games. For their final projects, each group of teens chose a game, then designed and constructed game-specific interfaces and arcade settings. They made: a skyscraper and shoe controller for the game, Canabalt; a mascot and warrior controller for Glorg; a toilet and flush controller for Spike: A Love Story; a pyramid and pyramid controller for Gamma4.

The CLICK@MoMA projects are showcased at the MoMA Teen Art Show at the end of each semester.

This project was funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust in 2011.

Youth using technology to interact with the exhibitions. Photo courtesy of MoMA

Youth using technology to interact with the exhibitions. Photo courtesy of MoMA

Lead Organization:
Museum of Modern Art

Partner Organizations:
Institute of Play

Project Goal:
Encourage teens to engage with MoMA’s collection in new ways and create their own dynamic, technology-based artwork.

Project Tags:
Arts, Games & Game Design

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    Fieldtrip to BabyCastles' Arcade

    CLICK@MoMA teens visit BabyCastles’ Arcade video game collective to learn about interactive technologies and video games that function as art.

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    CLICK@MoMA Classes

    Photographs of CLICK@MoMA Digital Media classes in session.

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    MoMA Teen Art Show

    Showcase of teen art works from MoMA’s Teen Art classes, including CLICK@MoMA.

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    Blog about Game Design and Art workshop

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    Arcade installations

    Photos of Arcade installations at MOMA Teen Art Show