Hacktivity Kits

for Webmaking

XRay Goggles

X-Ray Goggles Kit


Popcorn Kit


Thimble Kit

Open News

Thimble for Journalists Kit


Online Storytelling


Revolutions in Media




Ways of the Web


Make it! Share it!

The Ins and Outs of these Kits

  1. The Hacktivity Kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to organize their own webmaking session.

    Building off pilot events run by the Hive Learning Network in New York and Chicago and content created for various Webmaker events around the world, these kits are full of information and resources to help you facilitate sessions or classes that have a focus on webmaking.

  2. The kits are organized around learning by making.

    You’ll be collaborating and making things for the web using the Mozilla Webmaker tools. Each section explains things you’ll want to consider as you prepare for your webmaking activities.

  3. We’ve included everything from activities to assessing the participants‘ progress.

    We have also provided sample lessons, projects and activities. And to help make your event as “plug and play” as possible, we’ve included a Resources section with documents you can print out, whether that be sample badges to give your participants or a cheat sheet for HTML.

  4. Hack the Hacktivity Kits!

    The kits are meant to serve as a jumping off point for you. We hope that you will ignore pieces that you don’t feel apply and expand areas where you feel your learners need more guidance. In short, we hope that you will take the kits, hack them, run events and then let us know how we can improve the base resources.