A Network that Learns

A Network for Learning

Educators, artists and techies (individuals and organizations), work together to make and learn.
An open-source approach that generates opportunities to experiment, innovate, iterate, and discover.

Hive NYC’s goals are to mobilize educators to adopt connected learning practices, to create more high-quality tools, content and curriculum, and to catalyze others to provide more connected learning and web literacy experiences, especially in under-served communities. To this end, we welcome active contributors who want to work with us towards achieving greater impact and revolutionizing learning in NYC.

As with any community, our learning network is strongest when a diversity of stakeholders participates. There are many ways to get involved with Hive—exactly how you engage is up to you.

Explore, Participate, Lead: Each Hive community member connects differently. Use the profiles below as a guide to identify the roles and trajectories that might be right for you. Moving in and around all three categories—based on your organization’s goals and desire for impact—is what creates a full and fruitful Hive learning experience, so think big, take risks and be bold.




Find opportunities to meet, make and learn with others–online or in person. Collaborate with others, exchange expertise, facilitate or present at events or meetings.
Be on the front lines: collaborate, innovate and spread connected learning and web literacy in NYC.
joyce-levitte-small Gina Juan
Jocelyn Leavitt, Co-Founder of tech start-up Hopscotch, explores Hive meet-ups and learns new skills that help grow her youth programs. Gina, a public school educator, participates in Hive events, facilitates Webmaker trainings and integrates her experiences into her STEM curriculum. Juan Rubio, Associate Director of Online Leadership at Global Kids, leads a youth meetup initiative and pilots a Minecraft community for Hive Learning Networks.

Get Involved

Here are 10 ways to get involved

Eager to be part of a collective effort to change NYC’s learning landscape? Look to Hive as a community of collaborators and supporters who learn from and with one another. Hive contributors share ideas and build solutions, developing quality connected learning and web literacy tools, content, curriculum and practices for broad use.

Join a Monthly Community Call: Introduce yourself to Hive’s community of stakeholders and contribute to discussions on topical issues, common challenges and potential solutions.

Attend or Host a Meet-up: These in-person, get togethers are designed to help Hive contributors make new connections, share ideas, surface challenges and hone their skills. Attend and/or offer to host and give us a tour of your place and practice.

Sign up for Hive Office Hours: Have questions, ideas or want to  explore deeper engagement with Hive? Visit us in Dumbo during weekly open office hours. Email to book a date.

Facilitate an Activity at a Learning Event: Help us put connected learning in action. Playtest new tools or ideas at one of Hive’s upcoming, youth-facing events. We’re also always open to volunteers!

Share a Discovery, Start a Conversation: Pose questions, share interesting articles, post event and job listings.  Review and comment on topics in our Hive online discussion group or create new topics of your own.

Hangout with the Cohort: Hive brings together educators and organizations with different approaches to work together to  develop new ides, challenges and innovations. Hive’s cohort of  educators and builders meets online to share notes and best practices.

Work Open: Document your processes and learnings, highlight key successes and opportunities, or ruminate on larger issues by submitting a guest post for Hive NYC’s blog Explore Create Share.

Teach the Web: Explore the web literacy map (one of the key theoretical drivers of our work) to see where you align and to create remixable teaching resources to help others around the world make and learn with the web.

Lead an Affinity Group: Hive Affinity Groups bring community members together around developing solutions to common problems or exploring niche areas of interest.

Spread (or Scale) a Learning Innovation: Hive Digital Media Learning Fund’s catalytic funding model helps lead member organizations develop and scale their ideas. Learn more.

Hive NYC Organizations

Hive NYC is made up of organizations and individuals working with a wide range of missions, youth populations, disciplines, and engagement strategies, but who all share a clear set of values and aspirations. Together, they act on and advance core principles and practices in their programs, in their partnerships, and throughout the network itself.

Organizations tagged below as “LEAD” are original members who have helped drive Hive NYC’s vision and efforts to champion digital skills and web literacy through connected learning. They have also been vetted by The New York Community Trust to serve as lead grantees (while any organization can be a partner) to develop and scale new ideas through Hive Digital Media and Learning Fund‘s competitive funding mechanisms.