Hack the Web:

with Thimble


  1. step01_openThimble

    Review the Thimble project on description, click the Get Started button at the bottom and explain to learners that they will be working through the comments in the left side of the editor.

  2. step02_projectsThimble

    Allow learners to work individually or together. You might also allow learners to choose a different beginner Thimble project they would like to work with.

  3. step03_thimbleInterface

    Float around to help learners that get stuck. In the Hands on Hacking hacktivity, learners will have a specific task to complete, so for now, allow them to play with Thimble and get used to the interface.

  4. Have learners publish their projects and post them to a blog or save links in an Etherpad.



Have participants talk about their hacks and display their pages. Ask them what they had to do to create their project. Reinforce the idea that in HTML, elements have opening and closing tags. Ask learners why syntax and web standards are important.

Following the presentations, facilitators should direct participants to other resources in their community or online to learn more about hacking and web design/development. Provide individual constructive feedback during presentations.