Alter Ego/Evil Twin:

The Opposite of Me


  1. step01_group

    Collectively explore problems and strengths of the open web in regards to privacy.

    Ask Learners:
    • What happens to data that is on the web?
    • How long does it stay there?
    • What should you NOT put on the Web?
    • What information is public on the web?
  2. step02_evilProfile_thimble
    Introduce the design challenge:

    We can have different identities online. We can edit ourselves to be the best version of our true selves. What would a profile page for the opposite of you look like? We're going to build profiles for our Alter Egos/Evil Twins.

    Together, make a list together of what a profile page has. For example, profiles should include a name, picture, favorite food, favorite movie, favorite book, background story, favorite subject, etc.

  3. step03_evilProfile_thimble
    Learners should plan their profile pages.

    Have learners create profiles using the list from step 3. Allow them to create a plan for their pages using pens and paper. What colors will they use? What will the layout be like? What images will they use? Invite them to draw sketches of their page.

  4. step04_projectsThimble

    Have learners use the "Create Your Own HTML page" project to create a profile page for their alter egos/evil twins. Allow them to collaborate to figure out tags, find mistakes and tinker around with HTML



Have participants talk about their alter egos or evil twins and display the work they have done.

Following the presentations, facilitators should direct participants to other resources in their community or online to learn more about hacking and web design/development. Provide individual constructive feedback during presentations.