Create a Script Shell:

Use Visual Mindmapping to Create a Story


  1. step02_writetheRulesBreak into groups and have each group draw an object. Then have each group pass the drawing to a different group. The new group draws a related object, then passes the drawings on (have groups draw the related objects on the same piece of paper, or at least keep the drawings together). Have the participants do this five times. Each group ends with the object they started with.
  2. Have the groups collaborate to create a story that links the original object with the last object drawn. Lead them to think about this by asking "What is the connection between the first object and the last object?" Have groups write a brief story using Etherpad or another collaborative document editing tool.

  3. Once the stories are written, have learners suggest ways a user could participate in the story.

  4. Finally, have learners present their stories to the group. Have participants talk about their stories.



Discuss the process of the activity and talk about the idea that procedural storytelling is a way of designing stories so that they're different every time. How did the activity illustrate this idea?