As of January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive NYC will transition from Mozilla to Partnership for After School Education (PASE). You can read more about this here. Please visit the link to learn more about Partnership for After School Education.

Jul 03 2018

Launching the Hive NYC Summer Annotatatathon!

Hive NYC

Exploring member stories to tell our collective story

Loup is working with PASE leadership and members of the Hive NYC Network to document the learning, achievements, and assets generated by Hive members over the last decade — and surface ideas and recommendations of how we might best package, promote, and build on these resources. Loup has created a project homepage that describes the project in full.

As part of this work Loup is excited to announce the Hive NYC Summer Annotatatathon! An annotatathon uses Hypothesis, a social online annotation tool, to create an online space where readers can think about and discuss a text. Hypothesis describe themselves as: an effort to implement an old idea: A conversation layer over the entire web that works everywhere, without needing implementation by any underlying site. Read their mission statement here.

For this project it’s a way to get together — each on our own time — to identify and explore meanings, ideas, and values. It should feel like a good conversation. Annotatathons take place over a set period of time — what we’re calling a “sprint”. You can join anytime during the sprint, even right at the end.

Sprint #1 will last two weeks  (July 2–13) and will feed into what we do together at the July 17 Hive Design Lab (July 17 from 9:30AM to 1PM at PASE), surfacing themes and ideas for how we document and celebrate the Hive NYC’s achievements over the last 10 years.

Sprint #2 will last three weeks(July 23 – August 10) and will inform
the documentation, recommendations, and prototypes that Loup prepares for PASE.

Loup will also be driving the Hive NYC Twitter account and using the hashtag #hivebuzz through these two sprints to help manage and engage with the Hive community.

This deck explains what those are, why we’re using this approach, and has step-by-step tutorials to make it easy for you to join in.

[slideshare id=103964229&doc=annotatathonhivenyc-180702170434]

Link to Google Slide version of the deck.

Quick Start Guide

  1. The first step is to sign up for a free Hypothesis account.
  2. Next, join the HiveNYC group. This is a private group and will allow us to capture our annotations, comments, and tags as a set.
  3. Pick a mission or start free-form annotating and tagging on any HiveNYC story. The slide deck has full instructions.

Annotatathon Daily Open House

photo of Chris Lawrence

Join Chris Lawrence for virtual coffee, tutorials, co-working, and conversation about the stories and the insights they hold for Hive NYC. From 11-12 daily, July 2-16, Chris will be hanging out in this live video room, on the Hive NYC StoryEngine Slack channel, on Twitter and in the annotatathon conversations on Hypothesis. He’d love the company!

On your marks, get set…Annotate!

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