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May 01 2017

Network members working together through the Marshmallow Tower Challenge, using their collective knowledge to build structures out of uncooked noodles and marshmallows.

Hive NYC members gathered at the Museum of the Moving Image on March 30th to welcome new member organizations and to share updates on opportunities and milestones.  As part of the 2017 winter Member Application cycle, a selection committee of network members reviewed candidates using Hive NYC’s membership criteria.  The goal was to welcome organizations who could contribute to the Hive learning network’s supportive peer learning space, activate partnerships between member organizations, and commit to collectively develop accessible, innovative, and equitable digital education opportunities for NYC youth.

ABOUT NEW HIVE NYC MEMBERS: New members bring with them a variety of knowledge, practice, and pedagogy and are excited to contribute to the Hive mind.  As peer learning collaborations, projects, and initiatives emerge across member organizations —  there is new opportunity to expand approaches and to evolve the digital media component of our programs together.  New members are:

Harold Hunter Foundation – KICKFLIP: is a non-profit, grassroots, skateboard community-based organization that provides support, advocacy, and opportunity for skateboarders in NYC and beyond. KICKFLIP is an interest-driven connected learning program providing accessible educational opportunities for NYC youth for whom school is often not a safe or constructive environment.  Would like to contribute their program design model that routinely seeks to evolve their programs to engage youth, negatively impacted by traditional education, through sports and tech.

Here to Here: Incubated through a unique partnership between DreamYard and Big Picture Learning to build interest-based career pathways for South Bronx high school youth. HERE TO HERE commits to systematically transform how high schools and postsecondary institutions prepare our youth for meaningful career pathways.  Would like to contribute their approach to career pathways predicated on the combination of self-exploration, analyzing youths environments, and learning motivated by passion and interest.

Hip Hop Public Health: Hip Hop Public Health uses music as the platform to reach economically disadvantaged school-aged children with an innovative array of media tools designed to improve health literacy and foster positive behaviors.  Would like to contribute ways they’ve integrated pop-culture and the use of media tools to support young people in being health conscious leaders in their communities.

The New-York Historical Society: New-York Historical has a mission to explore the richly layered political, cultural and social history of New York City, State, and the nation, as well as to serve as a national forum for the discussion of issues surrounding the making and meaning of history.  Would like to contribute program opportunities for network member youth seeking support in academic and vocational skills development.

POWRPLNT: is a digital art space in Bushwick, providing free classes for underserved teens on software and access to mentors, resources, and opportunities for thriving in today’s creative economy.  Would like to contribute how they’ve worked with youth leaders to integrate peer learning opportunities in digital skills building workshops.

Scope of Work (SOW): SOW strives to establish equity for young talent in New York’s creative industry. By removing barriers and providing access to pre-professional development resources, real-world work experience, and holistic mentor relationships, we aim to close the opportunity gap for underrepresented young people and realize a diverse, impactful creative sector.  Would like to contribute their knowledge of industry practices serving as career trajectories aligned to young people’s passions and experiences.

StudyUp: connects college prospects from New York City’s public schools to mentors who help them showcase their academic potential through research projects. Mentees develop a personal sense of academic purpose by exploring topics that are relevant to their own lives and sharing their insights through online videos.  Would like to contribute with member organizations and their awesome educators to provide opportunities to be mentors supporting StudyUp mentees.

Our newest network members are excited to learn from the array of knowledge already in the room about 1) effective partnerships, 2) how to integrate digital media technology for learning and community action, 3) and learn how organizations approach fostering creative and inclusive learning spaces for youth.  With program closeout, summer camps, and fall program planning on the horizon, we’d like to assemble members in the near future to discuss strategic plans for preparing their organizations and education staff for what lies ahead.

For the remainder of the network meetup and follow up community call, Hivers shared updates from their organizations. This includes youth program and  events, opportunities for collaboration, support, and partnerships:


  • New-York Historical Society – Teen Programs: shared teen program opportunities to interested young people in your community. Participants in these programs have a unique opportunity to explore the vast collections of the NHSC, working closely with museum professionals and alongside other students who share their interest in American Art and History. Upcoming program will focus on celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote in NY.  For more information, contact Kinneret Kohn (Manager of Teen Programs). NYHS mentioned that there is free program space available on Governors Island during the summer.


  • NYC Parks Computer Resource Centers (CRC): NYC Parks is looking to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to provide professional development for CRC educators. NYC Parks wants to collaborate to develop quality trainings to support educators in building skills in computer science, technology, film, and game design. Contact Zac Rudge (RecYouth Program Manager) for more information.
  • Scope of Work (SOW): Launching first internship and fellow program in summer 2017. Are currently working with member organizations Mouse and Beam center to develop rubrics to assess internship sites. Interested in partnering with organizations and agencies to facilitate master classes for youth participants. If interested in a partnership, contact Eda Levenson (Co-Founder) for more details.
  • New York City Writing Project: Shared work created using Playlists. Youth Voices playlists provide an online platform for young people to voice their thoughts and to start a dialogue with their peers about their passion and learning. NYC Writing Project is exploring how the playlist platform is supporting young people’s social and connected learning. Also exploring badging and are looking to develop relationships with youth-serving organizations that are partnering with schools to build systems for connected credentialing. If interested in connecting, please contact Paul Allison (Teacher Leader).
  • The Lamp: The 22 Million by 2020 campaign is a nationwide media literacy and civics endeavor aimed at the 22 million teens who will be eligible to vote in the 2020 election, equipping them to challenge harmful and misleading media messages in order to become informed & engaged first-time voters. The Lamp is looking for potential partners to get involved as they shape the framework for the campaign and plan the first summit for September here in New York City. For more information, email

If you would like to share any further community updates, please feel free to add them below in the comments section. You can also share any upcoming events via the Hive NYC’s listserv, to reach the wider Hive Community.  To subscribe to the Hive NYC listserv, visit

This ice-breaker was adapted from Tom Wujec’s Marshmallow Tower Challenge.

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