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Jan 14 2016

Thank You For Another Amazing Year!

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This post recognizes and celebrates the great work we’ve done as a community in 2015. In preparation to share our year-end highlights, we invited community members to tell us their favorite connections, programs and experiences in an anonymous form. The visual below is a depiction of the responses we received.

A depiction of the community’s favorite connections, programs and experiences from 2015.

2015: Year in Review

2015 was jam packed with inspiring events, projects, awards and gatherings. We were honored to receive a HASTAC grant, introduce hundreds of educators to Web Literacy, facilitate 8 Hive NYC community meet-ups, participate in several educational conferences, see 22 new HDMLF projects take form and much more.

Hive NYC’s lead organizations met at the American Museum of Natural History to discuss the year’s key issues.

Hive NYC’s lead organizations met at the American Museum of Natural History to discuss the year’s key issues.

To celebrate our collective work we’ve rounded up these 11 milestones:

  1. US Dept of Ed report features Hive as a networking model for educators, youth, technologists and others to collaborate around Connected Learning.
  2. Capital One awards $100,000 grant to Hive member organizationsa new funding model and more collaborative proposal process emerges.
  3. Hive NYC wins Hastac-DML “Trust Challenge” to develop “connected credentials”  that unlock opportunities through out-of-school learning experiences.
  4. NYC Educators integrate digital skills into their subjects through the NYC DOE Innovative Partner Professional Development (IPPD) program.
  5. MozFest London—a brainstorm on the future of education, brings together 1700 people from 50+ countries.
  6. 22 NYC organizations receive $1,486,000 in grants to bring digital media learning to more city youth, filling an important gap in education.
  7. 80 member organizations plant the seeds of impact in a yearly meeting to discuss the State of the Hive NYC Community.
  8. Emoti-Con!: NYC youth showcase their digital media and technology projects to their peers and professionals in the field.
  9. Youth and educators throw a Digital Ready Maker Party, the culmination of a year-long collaboration between NYC schools, tech companies, and nonprofits.
  10. Mozilla Hive, Nordic diplomats and startups discuss the future of learning with international stakeholders at the Oppi Festival pitch event.
  11. Hive Digital Media Learning Fund Grantees kick off new projects and re-design the Cohort Learning Lab meetings to better meet the needs of participants.

2016: Looking Ahead

Youth Innovator Squad, pictured at last year’s meetup, will be hosting our first meetup of 2016.

Youth Innovator Squad, pictured at last year’s meetup, will be hosting our first meetup of 2016.

We look forward to the exciting events, projects and evolutions afoot in the Hive NYC Community. Here are just a few things on the horizon for this coming year:

  1. Mozilla Foundation lays out the 2020 strategy with a focus on expanding advocacy and engaging leaders across industries and professions.
  2. Collective Shift aims to scale Connected Learning with their first project, a platform to connect youth with cutting-edge opportunities.
  3. NYC organizations spread and scale their programs with the help of a workshop series hosted by Partnership for Afterschool Education.
  4. Youth members of the Young Innovator Squad show how to engage young people to become leaders in technology, activism and civic engagement.
  5. Digital badges encourage young people to exercise in a project by the YMCA, who will share findings in an upcoming Hive NYC community meetup. Details to come.
  6. Mozilla Leadership Network launches new platform that helps young people gain 21st century skills as they read, write and participate on the web.
  7. Web Literacy Training brings educators together to discuss web mechanics, composing, remixing, privacy, community participation, open practices, and sharing.

With all this in mind Hive NYC HQ will continue to look to our community for news and insight on this collective work. As we continue to grow we will explore new collaborations in and outside of the network. See you in 2016!

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