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Nov 19 2015

Building Connected Credentials: Request for Partnerships and Prototypes

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This is a guest post by Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Phd, Director of the Intergenerational Change Initiative at CUNY Graduate Center and Project Coordinator for Mozilla Hive NYC’s Building Connected Credentials Project.

Translating youth learning across geographic spaces and institutions

There is a burgeoning movement to develop ways of validating youth learning that reflects a shared understanding, feels relevant to young people and adults, and is trusted enough to unlock greater opportunities for young people across various settings. This community-driven movement to embrace learning across contexts is often called “Connected Learning.” On the cutting edge of this community, are innovative organizations, schools, and institutions who are actively building systems, design practices, and assessment models that connect youth learning and leverage it across settings. These “connected credentials” encompass a variety of tools (e.g. digital badges, portfolios, certificates, etc.) that illuminate the rigor and beauty of out-of-school learning experiences which then become currency that unlock further opportunities such as school credits, community service hours, internships, higher education, job opportunities, etc.

As part of its winning HASTAC-DML “Trust Challenge” development grant, Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network is launching the Building Connected Credentials project. This project identifies and convenes stakeholders engaged in trusted, cross-organizational partnerships who are actively developing “connected credentials.”  This project aims to illuminate the range of approaches and credentialing opportunities flourishing across the City, sharing promising practices, viable models and real-world challenges.

A Request for Partnerships and Prototypes

Building Connected Credentials participants will work together, sharing their expertise and challenges, and gathering feedback from colleagues. Each grantee team will receive a $4000 stipend, must be available to meet three times in the spring, document their “connected credential” prototype and process, and share their findings at a final convening. At the project’s conclusion, Mozilla Hive NYC will showcase participants prototypes and models, leveraging its expertise in building and connecting educator networks to highlight Hive New York City’s unique contribution to this burgeoning movement.

Are you a NYC-based project partnership team interested in applying? Please submit information via the Building Connected Credentials Application Form by Friday, December 4, 2015 at 5pm.

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