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Feb 26 2015

Breaking the Super Bowl

Community, Guest Post, Web Literacy

This is a guest post by Emily Long, Director of Communications & Development at The LAMP.

Marketers spend millions of dollars just for air time during one of the most-watched televised event of the year. At The LAMP’s fourth annual Break the Super Bowl event at the McBurney YMCA, teens had the chance to talk back to those same commercials by remixing – or ‘breaking’ – actual Super Bowl commercials while they aired. Complete with food and the game streaming live, at first the event looks like any other Super Bowl party. But using editing tools like the MediaBreaker, students deconstructed the ads, asking critical questions about why the ad was produced, what assumptions it makes and how these messages impact the real world. They also learned the basics of fair use, such as the importance for a remix to be critical and transformative, not just snarky. Over the course of the event, students also competed in challenges and won prizes.

The LAMP is currently working on documenting the event so it can be replicated in other sites all across the country. In the meantime, check out the highlights video, the full Break the Super Bowl 2015 playlist and let us know what commercials you’d like to break!

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