As of January 1, 2018, stewardship of Hive NYC will transition from Mozilla to Partnership for After School Education (PASE). You can read more about this here. Please visit the link to learn more about Partnership for After School Education.

Jan 14 2015

Submit an idea to Hive NYC’s community events calendar!

Community, Members

Hive NYC community members are invited to host a meet-up, suggest an idea, present a project or share a tool with the Hive NYC community!

As we grow in size and have more impact on the educational landscape of NYC our goal is to remain open and inclusive. We look to our community to help identify new opportunities and practices that benefit the network and help us reach our goals. Please use this form to send us suggestions on how you would like to contribute.

Why is this important?

Active participation puts you on a pathway to leadership. Increasingly, Hive’s practitioners and educators are not simply applying for grants and implementing projects but enacting varied forms of collective learning and collective action—exchanging expertise, brokering relationships, and putting in long hours on top of the basic responsibilities of their job in order to build something with other community members. Making suggestions on the form above enables community members to participate in ways that work best for them.

Contribution strengthens our community.  Hive’s community of contributors are the ideators who stand at the forefront of Hive’s goals to mobilize more individuals and organizations, create and distribute new tools and resources, and inspire cities to commit to deeper action. The individuals and organizations who assume the mantle of responsibility to address these larger, collective visions distinguish themselves as Hive NYC’s co-conspirators, partners and leaders.

For a more detailed explanation please read Leah Gilliam’s blog post Vision, Leadership and Hive NYC. For examples of past events and ideas, please read our 2014 Year in Review blogpost. Check out calendar for upcoming events.


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