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May 22 2014

What does it look like when NYC public high schools join forces with local tech and non-profit organizations to prepare students for college and career success? 

Next Wednesday, May 28, over 150 NYC public high school students will come together at the Digital Ready Maker Party to share what they’ve learned and made as a result of their school’s participation in the Digital Ready program. The program matched 10 city high schools with local non-profits–many of them Hive NYC members–to use technology and student-centered learning to help students think critically, collaborate with peers, gain digital skills and become empowered as creators and innovators.

For example, students at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School worked with Global Kids to create games that address social change. Students at Manhattan International High School worked with ScriptEd to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. A team of 11th graders from Brooklyn International High School worked alongside an artist from Beam Center to create a 12-foot welded steel and interactive sculpture that involved carpentry, video-editing, and Arduino programming.

We’re joining forces with Digital Ready to host a Digital Ready Maker Party next week that will feature project demos,  hands-on making activities, and numerous ways for students to learn about and explore the rich summer opportunities available across the city that match their interests. It’s a chance for students, teachers, school administration and local organizations that are all part of this exciting program to come together to share, make, learn and explore.

The event is also a lead-in to Maker Party, Mozilla’s global campaign that celebrates making and learning with a focus on spreading web literacy. Last year there were more than 1,700 events in 330 cities. We’re getting an early start–the campaign officially kicks off on July 15th but you can visit to learn more, sign up to become an official campaign partner, or find resources to host your own Maker Party events.

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Digital Ready Maker Party Partners and Activities

  • American Museum of Natural HistoryHigh school students perform planetarium shows they wrote and directed using Digital Universe software.
  • ArtsConnectionStudents share digital experiments featuring response to art events they’ve seen this spring.
  • Beam Center11th graders present mobile art space design and lead a glass tile mosaic computer design and craft activity.
  • BRICHands-on media arts activity that integrates shadow puppetry and stop-motion animation.
  • Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP)Students will write, perform and produce digital songs, and also take a turn playing “College Access Jeopardy!”
  • Emoti-Con! A-Team–Members of the youth planning committee for this year’s 6th Annual Emoti-Con! Digital Media & Technology Challenge will playtest a design challenge.
  • EyebeamStudents will turn regular gloves into custom game controllers in a hands-on activity that uses conductive fabric, craft materials and electronics.
  • Global KidsStudents design their own games with the “Grow a Game” card game.
  • Magic Box ProductionsVisual arts students will share their community portraits and help participants create their own personal images.
  • Museum of the Moving ImageParticipants will explore the relationship between a game’s setting and the experience of playing it by modding “Asteroids” using Stencyl.
  • Scenarios USAStudents will screen their short films, including a Fannie Lou Hamer Violence Prevention Film.
  • ScriptEdStudents will share coding projects they’ve worked on this year including apps and websites. Also, ScriptEd will lead a mini coding session for event attendees!
  • WebmakerStudents will learn the basics of HTML and CSS by remixing websites using X-Ray Goggles, Thimble and Popcorn Maker. Also, teachers attending the Digital Ready Maker Party will take part in a mini Webmaker Training.

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