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Jan 22 2013

StoryCamp Blast-Off Recap One

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This is a guest post by Mozilla’s Laura Hilliger.

Last week, about 20 Hive members got together at Reel Works for a two-hour workshop to launch Hive NYC StoryCamp. I’m in town from Germany to attend a conference later this week in Philadelphia, and was excited to come to Brooklyn to help launch StoryCamp and get Hive NYC comfortable using the Popcorn Maker interface. >>

At the beginning of the session, we quickly introduced ourselves and used the prompt “If you really knew me, you’d know…” to hear something unique about each person. We learned that Hive NYC had stealth filmmakers, dog lovers and bookworms in the room all coming together to explore Digital Storytelling with Popcorn. Part of the workshop was designed to introduce Hive NYC members to the new modular Hacktivity Kits that we’ve been developing, they’re all available here >>

We started off by diving in to the beauty that is interactive web-based media. We used the awesome Popcorn JS project Know Your Exit to talk about how dynamic data and real-time updates can create unique viewing experiences. We also heard a great (and jargon-free) explanation of how Popcorn JS is a JavaScript library and how it’s unique features impact storytellers. Next, we clicked over to to explore Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker interface and play with the software. Favorite definition of JavaScript here:

We also discussed the importance of the story in Digital Storytelling and learned about the Story. Vision. Tech. (SVT) model. This is a concept that we and the Popcorn team use to highlight the implications of using interactivity and dynamic media to enrich how stories are told and interpreted.

Finally, we took the last hour to hack and play, applying our earlier discussions to a design challenge to create a new story based on a world wonder or cultural site. From the Pyramids and Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Statue of Liberty and beyond, Hive NYC members explored Digital Storytelling through Popcorn Maker.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! For those of you who missed the blast-off in person, or just want a review, check out the Online Storytelling Hacktivity Kit, it has everything you need to launch your own StoryCamp rocket ship.

Our next Hive NYC StoryCamp session will be on Tuesday February 26 at 1:00p EST with Mozilla’s Jacob Caggiano, our StoryCamp facilitator and Popcorn muse. This will be a virtual session using the open source web conferencing platform Big Blue Button. If you can’t make it—and even if you can—invite someone else from your organization to join us.

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